When I took over as the CEO in March, I saw a tremendous opportunity here. An opportunity to use our strengths and experience in technology staffing to offer new services in the Digital space. After brainstorming with the leadership team, we put together a six-month plan to recast the organization.  We regrouped our IT staffing delivery team into technology groups to build deep domain expertize and increase the through-put. We added expertize in staffing Digital technologies – the SMAC stack, Automation and Internet-of-things.

Next, we began investments in Digital technologies beginning with Salesforce.com. Our focus on Enterprise Analytics led us to start a practice on SAP HANA. Digital Learning, an incumbent service offering that customizes organizational learning combining digital and physical methods, becomes the third offering in our DX stack.

To gain better operational efficiencies, we redefined our Marketing efforts. We adopted Lean Marketing that is performance-based and tied closely to the success of the organization.

We changed the legal name of the company to Mastech Digital and gave it a new chic logo that’s reflective of what we love doing – join the dots and solve problems for our customers, the digital way.

As we continue to aggressively invest in digital technologies, I am happy with the enthusiasm of my leadership team and all our Associates who have embraced the change. Our team is geared up to engage with our customers, the digital way, and to deliver higher value to all our stakeholders.

Welcome to Mastech Digital.



Vivek Gupta,
President and CEO


Digital Technology has changed the way we bank. Customers today expect real time answers and mobile solutions. For banks, digital transformation has become the key differentiator in gaining competitive edge.

To keep up with the expectations of today’s millennial customer base, the financial industry uses digital advancements to keep pace:

  • Hyper-connectivity to respond to the ever-connected customers and businesses with highly interactive communications and new, engaging products and services
  • Super-computing to build efficiency in IT systems, simplify computing, and enable faster and real time decision making anticipating customers’ needs and assessing risks
  • Cloud computing to breed agility and develop new business models and technologies and a rapid pace and lower costs of ownership, freeing up valuable resources for innovation.
  • Constantly take a pole position in the new smarter world with the Internet of Things taking advantage with smarter banking products that reshape value chains and redefine how banking is conducted
  • Cyber Security to protect against fraud and other cyber-attacks, using combinations of multifactor authentication, biometrics, contextual analysis, location-based intelligence, and behavioral analytics


Kevin Pochapin
Vice-President, National Accounts

SAP HANA is an enterprise solution with the business objectives as front and center. Companies have adopted the SAP HANA platform as the core for mission critical processes.  They are also maximizing the value of SAP HANA and gaining competitive advantage by building modern, custom applications that explore new avenues of utilizing the technical advantages.

SAP HANA, a revolutionary in-memory platform that runs analytics applications smarter, makes business processes faster, and data infrastructures simpler. SAP HANA is the foundation for all your data needs, and best suited for performing real-time analytics, developing and deploying real-time applications.

SAP HANA is all of the above and more. It actually gives rise to decision delays as clients try to figure out the best way to get on to HANA. That is where the ROAD-2-HANA is an amazing assist.

How do we help our clients get on to HANA? How do we simplify the decision making process while getting on to Road-2-HANA?

Put simply, we like to begin with the business goals, and the systems and infrastructure assets at hand. With this landscape baseline, we utilize proven methodologies and analyze the upgrade / migrate options with the objective of reducing costs and downtime while improving quality and business benefits.

S/4 HANA, HANA Cloud, IoT – we are just getting started!


Solutions Enablement Ashwin Joshi
Ashwin Joshi
Solutions Enablement Group