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Starting each mission, with all hands on deck.

We believe true teamwork happens when we embrace unique perspectives and personalities, and invite them to the table with equality. The foundation of all our initiatives rests on deep collaboration and inclusion of different individuals, regardless of gender, age, race, and orientations. Join us in this pursuit to move forward together!

Radiate your authenticity at Mastech Digital

Women of Mastech Digital

At Mastech Digital, women contribute immensely with unwavering leadership, skill, and passion. Our focus remains to build a network of women who are spirited changemakers.


We believe in creating safe workspaces for individuals to express their unique and authentic selves and grow in their careers. Mastech Digital empowers and celebrates individuals from the LGBTQ+ community.

People of Color and Minorities

Our genesis began with people of all colors and ethnicities, and continues strong to this date. We believe in representing individuals of all races and nationalities by giving them equal opportunity to flourish at workspaces.

People with Disabilities

We actively take the initiative to design conducive workspaces for individuals with mobility disabilities, hearing loss, visual impairments, and dyslexia, along with developing services that serve people with disabilities.

The Veteran Collective

We support former military officials, members, and their spouses in bouncing back to professional lives with their career skills. We also aid them in applying their knowledge to challenging business scenarios and drive positive change.

A growing community of believers in individuality

“ The cornerstone of Mastech Digital is to foster individuals to express their uniqueness and wear their authenticity each day to work. Our culture strives to create a space for intuitive collaboration along with giving employees an opportunity to exude their true selves.”

VV Shetty, Head – HR, Mastech Digital

Join the Mastech Digital Army!

We strive for a vibrant culture and ardently promote creativity. Our offices are thoughtfully designed to support a free-thinking workforce that can create innovative solutions. Proactive initiators and true champions of authenticity are welcome at Mastech Digital to steer the wheel of change. Join us in this exploration!