Corporate Social Responsibility

Being a company with a heart

Building an inclusive society for humanity and beyond, at the grass-root level

The causes we support to create a
promising future

At Mastech Digital, we are determined to change the world’s status quo to build a better
future. With countless causes to support and resolve, we’re starting one at a time to pave the
road for a reliable tomorrow.

Cancer Awareness

At Mastech Digital, we encourage our associates to volunteer for our Cancer Awareness initiatives to honor cancer survivors, raise awareness about the disease and, help those who battle cancer, especially children. We’ve partnered with Lil’ Warriors, an organization that hosts charity Golf tournaments every year, the proceeds of which go towards helping children ailing from cancer.

Child Health
and Education

We have proactively indulged in the betterment of child health and creating better access to medical facilities dedicated to children and mothers. We are deeply engaged in identifying opportunities for underprivileged children to help secure quality education to build a future for themselves.

Women empowerment

The ethos at Mastech Digital upholds equity in its true sense, to bring opportunities to women and not the other way around. We believe in recognizing the true potential of women and thus have an internal unit dedicated to giving employment opportunities to women from underprivileged backgrounds after upskilling them. We are enthusiastic in our support to organizations dedicated to empowering women to shine in the professional world.

Environmental consciousness

The environment we prevail in presents us with all the resources needed to sustain a life of comfort. We acknowledge the paramount necessity to reduce environmental impact, not just as individuals but as corporations.
We pledge to use green energy and recycled stationery for official work to reduce our collective carbon footprint. We have a zero-waste policy and only use electronic mediums to communicate, and have reduced our paper usage to a fraction of what it was before.

Vivek Gupta, President and CEO

“In our relentless effort to provide customer value, we have never ignored our
larger responsibility towards society. We actively strive to be an environmentally
conscious enterprise, and all our stakeholders continue to work consciously to
impact the world in a positive way.”

– Vivek Gupta, President and CEO