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As the era of Industry 4.0 unfolds, Mastech Digital caters to the evolving staffing needs of Engineering. We are at the forefront of the digital revolution, helping companies find the right Engineering talent to leverage automation and digitization to drive end-to-end transformation. Our long-standing industry expertise, coupled with robust and hybrid delivery methodologies, enables us to identify and recruit reliable talent for your mission-critical Engineering needs.

Recruiting Engineering Excellence Across Industries

Manufacturing / Robotics 

Our Robotics and Manufacturing engineering staffing services provide access to skilled professionals who specialize in designing, optimizing, and implementing robotic systems and automation solutions to streamline manufacturing processes and enhance productivity.


Our Automotive engineering services provide access to experienced professionals who specialize in designing and developing automotive systems and technologies to drive innovation and enhance vehicle performance.


Elevate your aerospace and defense projects with our focus and industry expertise to source the right talent for your specific needs including Simulation, Mechanical, Electrical and Aerospace Engineers.


Build a solid foundation for your construction and architecture projects by sourcing from our network of skilled professionals including Project Engineers, Civil Engineers, and Structural Engineers.


Power up your energy projects across electrical, oil, coal, gas, and renewable sectors with our comprehensive talent acquisition support.


Our Biomedical engineering staffing solutions deliver top-tier professionals with expertise in designing, developing, and implementing innovative medical technologies to advance healthcare and improve patient outcomes.


Our Telecommunications engineering staffing services provide access to highly skilled professionals who can design, implement, and optimize cutting-edge telecommunications systems to enhance communication networks.

Semiconductor & EPD

Connect with top engineering talent across all phases of the product lifecycle – design, development, testing, and deployment. Our deep network covers firmware and embedded software development, mechanical design, hardware design, manufacturing & process improvement and product support.

Building Teams, Empowering Innovation with our Engineering Staffing Services

Why We’re a Trusted Engineering Staffing Partner 

For the past 37+ years, we on-board the best engineering talent in the country faster than most others.

Engineering Staffing Services Industry Expert

Industry Expertise

Our sales and recruiting team members bring valuable experience in the Engineering staffing industry, with a deep understanding of customer needs.

Engineering Staffing Services Talent Acquisition

Access to Talent 

Our experience of over three decades in business gives us access to a significantly large pool of engineering talent in the country. 

Engineering Staffing Services Scalibility

Ability to Scale

Our global recruitment model can handle engineering requirements at scale, and onboard engineering talent at high speeds.