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As a Digital First company, we have embraced an agile methodology in providing technology talent through our remote IT staffing solutions. In these changing times, when companies have been forced to consider new ways of doing business, we have reinvented how we source, engage and screen technology workers. Our screening and qualification process allows us to provide our customers with the top 10% of US-based IT remote consultants. Our MAS-REMOTE offering helps you hire IT consultants remotely with confidence, backed by our comprehensive screening and on-boarding process.


Our comprehensive and diverse process ensures our remote staffing services comprise the top 10% of remote IT workers.

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Hiring talent in your geography hugely limits your possibilities of getting the best value. During these times, it becomes crucial to be agile and work with the best talent pool available through remote staffing solutions.

We believe that a remotely connected workforce can give you options to permutate and combine your IT Teams like never before

5 Reasons why you should choose MAS-REMOTE:

1. Increased quality of candidates

We believe that a remotely connected workforce can give you options to permutate and combine your IT Teams like never before

2. Increased quantity of candidates

By hiring remote workers, we gain access to additional non-local talent pools.

3. Reduced time to hire

Expanding the talent pool allows us to reduce the “search & sourcing” time, shortening your hiring cycle.

4. Lower Costs

Remote resources do not require on-site physical workspace, reducing the overall need for expensive brick & mortar square footage as well as the occupancy costs

5. Happier Consultants

Consultants place a premium on the flexibility and reduced commute time & costs that come with working remotely.


If you want to extend possibilities even more while employing remote staffing solutions, Mastech Digital’s remote staffing agency gives you an alternative to gain higher efficiencies and productivity. These services are delivered on the Offshore Staffing Model (OSM) framework. The framework operates on a follow-the-sun methodology wherein the technology staff you choose, work in mirrored environments at our India location.

India offers an unmatched talent pool in IT and digital skills, allowing you a greater choice from a bigger pool of resources.

Mastech Digital’s offshore facilities in Noida and Chennai, India, comprise state-of-the-art infrastructure, support systems, and access to the best IT and digital talent in the region. .[Read More]