Not too long ago, corporate learning was solely reliant upon physical media – the pen, the pad, and the whiteboard. However, with the emergence of digital technologies, we have seen a rise in blended learning models. By mixing traditional education with digital applications, employees can gain knowledge both in and outside of the workplace, with and without formal instruction. This fulfills the purpose of digital learning, which is to bring education to the employee.

The digital learning content concerned with such practices continues to grow rapidly, and falls primarily into two digital learning categories – micro-learning and macro-learning. The former comprises brief learning modules, covering a specific topic or issue, through videos, articles, tools, and more. The latter, on the other hand, comprises entirely new domains of expertise, through in-depth courses and programs, aimed at teaching employees new-yet-vital skills for the job. The combination of both are used to ensure employees are learning more and learning continuously.

We don’t think of learning as an exercise or an activity, but as an organizational strategy to continually grow and improve. Our Digital Learning Services put together a custom training program for different organizational needs. With rich experience and proven success in handling several digital learning and performance engagements across industries, Mastech Digital’s team combines digital and physical modes of learning methods to ensure unified organizational behavior and augmented performance across teams.


Digital Learning Stack

We help clients address business challenges and drive improvement within their organizations through custom digital learning solutions.

We are the only partner you will ever need for transformational digital learning solutions.

We develop and deliver learning that supports our clients with an organizational strategy to continually grow and improve!


  • Learning Strategy
  • Learning Design & Development
  • Implementation & Evaluation

This is the foundation to all learning. We work with clients to identify opportunities for improvement, recommend a plan for transforming the program in alignment with business needs, and support implementation of the plan. The plan recommendation deliverables vary depending upon the initiative however each engagement includes a report detailing the recommended structure of the learning program, the topics to be covered, how the learners will interact with the content and how proficiency will be measured and remediated. The recommendations of the Learning Strategy, drive the design & development; and implementation & Evaluation.

Mastech Digital Learning provides our clients with highly experienced L&D professionals who can design and develop training programs in all the latest digital learning modalities such as: eLearning, mLearning, blended-learning, gamification, classroom technologies (ILT, vILT) etc.. Additionally, we help to design and develop Performance Support such as; facilitation guides, job aids, “how to videos", Online help systems, and reference documents.

Once the learning & development phase is completed our L&D Professionals work with clients to implement and evaluate the program.  Whether the client requires facilitation, train-the-trainer, LMS administration, content curation, and measurement and analysis; Mastech Digital Learning has the professionals that can help.