When I took over as the CEO in March, I saw a tremendous opportunity here. An opportunity to use our strengths and experience in technology staffing to offer new services in the Digital space. After brainstorming with the leadership team, we put together a six-month plan to recast the organization.  We regrouped our IT staffing delivery team into technology groups to build deep domain expertize and increase the through-put. We added expertize in staffing Digital technologies – the SMAC stack, Automation and Internet-of-things.

Next, we began investments in Digital technologies beginning with Salesforce.com. Our focus on Enterprise Analytics led us to start a practice on SAP HANA. Digital Learning, an incumbent service offering that customizes organizational learning combining digital and physical methods, becomes the third offering in our DX stack.

To gain better operational efficiencies, we redefined our Marketing efforts. We adopted Lean Marketing that is performance-based and tied closely to the success of the organization.

We changed the legal name of the company to Mastech Digital and gave it a new chic logo that’s reflective of what we love doing – join the dots and solve problems for our customers, the digital way.

As we continue to aggressively invest in digital technologies, I am happy with the enthusiasm of my leadership team and all our Associates who have embraced the change. Our team is geared up to engage with our customers, the digital way, and to deliver higher value to all our stakeholders.

Welcome to Mastech Digital.

Vivek Gupta,
President and CEO