Digital Technology has changed the way we bank. Customers today expect real time answers and mobile solutions. For banks, digital transformation has become the key differentiator in gaining competitive edge.

To keep up with the expectations of today’s millennial customer base, the financial industry uses digital advancements to keep pace:

  • Hyper-connectivity to respond to the ever-connected customers and businesses with highly interactive communications and new, engaging products and services
  • Super-computing to build efficiency in IT systems, simplify computing, and enable faster and real time decision making anticipating customers’ needs and assessing risks
  • Cloud computing to breed agility and develop new business models and technologies and a rapid pace and lower costs of ownership, freeing up valuable resources for innovation.
  • Constantly take a pole position in the new smarter world with the Internet of Things taking advantage with smarter banking products that reshape value chains and redefine how banking is conducted
  • Cyber Security to protect against fraud and other cyber-attacks, using combinations of multifactor authentication, biometrics, contextual analysis, location-based intelligence, and behavioral analytics

Kevin Pochapin
Vice-President, National Accounts