Introduction Big data has changed the way companies operate, giving new and improved meaning to digital business transformation. Companies gather data through online searches, analyses of consumer buying behavior, and other techniques, and use this data to make profit and to provide an overall better experience to customers. While big data is being used by […]

A recent report by IDG stated that 73% of all enterprises have at least one cloud-based application, while 15% intend to adopt a cloud-based application or platform within the next 12 months. Organizations, successful in their digital business transformation initiatives, clearly see the importance of cloud computing within the enterprise. But for those still in [...]

Prescriptive analytics is a branch of data analytics that uses prescient (predictive) models to propose actions for ideal results. Prescriptive analytics is associated with both prescient and descriptive analytics. While prescient analytics figures what might happen, and descriptive analytics provides data into what has happened, prescriptive analytics helps provide the best results among different choices, […]

Imagine being an athlete coming off a big loss. While you’re just about to hang your head in defeat and try to forget what happened, you instead realize your jerseys, your shoes, your stadium, your entire team office are all equipped with the latest technologies, tracking your every move, measuring the efficiency of each play […]

Why Do We Need an Upgrade? The wise Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, once said, “Change is the only constant in life”. This law of life could not be truer in the case of ever-changing software lifecycles. Software programs perennially evolve to serve businesses in the best capacity, thus making a case for enterprises to upgrade and […]

Overview Organizations continue to invest significant effort in customer master data management solutions to answer critical questions about their customers. To determine significant client insight, ceaseless access to an expanding number of information sources has turned out to be basic to business achievement. Late industry drifts around cloud-based conveyance models, industry-particular arrangements, and coordinated efforts [...]
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