Mastech Digital’s Offshore Staffing Services give you an alternative to gain higher efficiencies and productivity out of employing mainstream IT and digital technology staff beyond the traditional staffing models. These services are delivered on the Offshore Staffing Model (OSM) framework. The framework operates on a follow-the-sun methodology wherein the technology staff you choose, work in mirrored environments at our India location.

India offers an unmatched talent pool in IT and digital skills, allowing you a greater choice from a bigger pool of resources, not to mention finding, with certainty, the elusive purple squirrels!

Mastech Digital’s offshore facility is in NOIDA, India, comprising state-of-the-art infrastructure, support systems, and access to the best IT and digital talent in the region.

How does OSM work?

Once we receive your staffing requirement, our global staffing delivery teams swing into action to identify resources in India. We will send you the profiles shortly after that. The resources you shortlist will go through an interview process with you, via video from our India office.

Once you make a choice, we conduct a background and reference check on the resource. After a green clearance of the background check, the resource will be ready to start.

Meanwhile, our IT team will engage with you to set up any specific IT environments exclusive to your project amidst highest levels of security and compliance.

Since the resource will work on the project overlapping India and US business hours, you will have the advantage of interacting with the resource during your day increasing efficiencies in project delivery.


Key Advantages

  • Faster turnaround time in submitting profiles of potential resources for your requirement
  • More options, more choices
  • Easy and faster onboarding
  • Higher efficiency:
    • Resource and time overlap ensures round-the-clock progress on your projects
    • Project-related work during India day; Review and communication during US day
    • Optional project management service from India ensures the staffed resources are even more efficient, offshore


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