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It sounds paradox today, calling the industry Telecommunication. With the burst communication has had through multiple channels, beyond the ‘Tele’, the industry looks to surpass all boundaries. The traffic is hitting an all-time getting to exabytes and zettabytes, due to the increasing number of devices. Gartner reports a whooping 21 billion devices by 2020 – which means every living human by today’s global population census will own atleast three communication devices by 2020. Communication today is a form of content, while we see an interesting consolidation happening between content-led companies and telecommunication companies. SkyNet – the Drone-based communication is in the offing, while the current communication prices allow people who are homeless, to still own a communication device. Regulations, Consolidation, Price-pressure, interoperability and customized content creation have all led the Telecommunication industry to become nimbler and adaptable to the Digital way.


Unlike other industries, Digitization in Telecommunication is inter-connected. Banks and Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Aviation or any other industry, heavily rely upon the telecom providers for the mobile experiences that sustains and increases customer base – not just for the Telecom companies, but also all other industries. Value is being measured in the way a Telecommunication company is able to customize the mobile, web and in-store experience for customers. Digital strategies are being devised to achieve the maximum and most delighted customer base, at costs that are efficient. Customer Analytics and buying behavior is being researched continuously, while speed of decision-making with the precision of taking offers to its customers, is clearly differentiating a successful Telecom companies from the others.

Customers today are buying telecommunication-related products and services in different ways. We see consumers evaluating deals online and then getting into a store to experience the product or service. Customer reviews and feedback is instant and its outreach influences buyer behavior of several others. Salesforce as a customer engagement platform allows your company build a unified customer experience across all your channels and also plan campaign management in an integrated manner such that the customer gets the same experience across all touch points. Further, review management and response to feedback can be optimized and sped up, to increase brand loyalty and improve perception.

Our Salesforce practice, with its proprietary methodologies and approach ensures you meet the expectations of your customers. With integrated communication across different channels, you will be able to bring together customers, your sales teams and even channel partners to create an unified experience to the end customer. Our focus is to ensure you start realizing the value out of your Salesforce investments quickly. Our consultative workshops ensure that you have a clear picture of your Salesforce journey and its returns in less than 40 hours.



The vast amounts of unstructured data in is a potential opportunity loss for the Telecommunication company. It reduces the speed of responding to changing customer demands and slows down decision-making process. Also, the fact that data is coming from different sources and other IT infrastructures adds to the complication. SAP HANA, irrespective of the data source, aggregates large volumes of  data from sources and through its unique in-memory approach processes them into meaningful information within seconds. It simplifies the IT architecture seamlessly without any additional linkages so that you get a single window view enabling higher efficiencies. Through the intelligence thus gathered, there is a higher probability of better monetization using the data existing in your systems.

Mastech’s SAP HANA practice makes the whole process very efficient. Our experience in handling diverse IT systems for Telecom companies allows us to use our proprietary methodology to increase returns on your HANA investments using a global delivery framework. Our SAP HANA support also ensures a 100% uptime to run reports and create a dashboard view anytime. Our SAP HANA teams specialize in setting up a HANA environment in quick time shortening your time-to-market with reduced TCO. Our expert teams for SAP HANA implementation, integration and support look at the platform not merely as a database, but a statistical modeling suite that lets you take decisions resulting in increased top-line and improved bottom-line.

While Telecommunication companies turn into highly digitized units, there crops the need to staff a new breed of talent that can accompany the company and augur well in the Digital Transformation journey. The IT teams must have a judicious mix of people who can work on statistical analysis, data crunching and analysis, and cloud networking, as well as technology experts with the ability to develop, maintain and integrate the existing and older technologies, maintaining them in the newer environments. The Digital workforce for Telecommunication companies also constitutes Customer Campaign Managers who can understand the changing customer needs and have the ability to plan and execute Digital Marketing campaigns, using marketing automation tools and tracking user behavior across the social media.

Mastech’s staffing expertise is experienced as well as award-winning. As one of the most respected Staffing solutions providers, we take pride in providing the right kind of Digtial talent for your enterprise. Our models range from providing contingent workforce as well as talent that you can hire after the contract and also, on absorb on a  permanent basis, depending upon your business needs. We understand your current position in your Digital Transformation journey and assess the Digital talent needs of your organization along with other IT skill sets and legacy technologies that you require from time to time. Our staffing delivery is done using a Global model with our offices across the US and India to ensure a faster turnaround time and a wider reach to the best talent.