Back in the early 90’s, while working in India on a Data Networking project at Indian Railways’ Center for Railway Information Services (CRIS), we had embarked on setting up a so-called “Artificial Intelligence Database” for capturing data from the years of actual experience of train guards and conductors, and how their human intelligence played a role in reducing accidents. Our goal was to capture their knowledge so we could simulate the human thinking process to predict or prevent accidents. Our biggest challenge then, however, was limited access to computer processing power, robust data models, and data storage.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) makes it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs, and perform human-like tasks. Unlike years ago, today we have lots of data continuously being generated in abundance by the devices around us. With immense computing power (cloud computing) and robust data models available today, we are enabled to create smarter applications that aid humankind.

Albert Einstein’s famous formula, E=mc2, demonstrates the equilibrium between mass and energy. This equates very well to the relationship in the humongous data-hungry world we live in today. If the data you are accumulating in databases and staging tables has some intrinsic value when at rest, that same data when processed and analyzed in milliseconds by an intelligent tool, has incredible business value for individuals and businesses.

In my last blog, Empowering Business Users through Salesforce, I talked about Salesforce having a distinct advantage of showing instant results. Now, Salesforce combined with Artificial Intelligence introduces new functionality into its Einstein platform that further blends low-code orchestration with machine learning. However, that doesn’t quite answer the question of “What exactly is Salesforce Einstein?”

Salesforce Einstein is your data scientist. After a quick setup, it is ready to start making every customer interaction in Salesforce, smarter. With as little friction as possible, Salesforce Einstein discovers your company’s most important business insights, predicts what will happen next, recommends the best action to take, and ultimately automates certain tasks to free up your users’ time. Powered by advanced machine learning, deep learning, predictive analytics, natural language processing, and smart data discovery, every one of your company’s customer processes, workflows, and interactions will instantly become keener and more predictive with Salesforce Einstein.

To quote a few short blurbs, here’s how the Sales, Marketing, and Analytics Cloud will empower Salesforce users:

Sales Cloud Einstein: Guides sales reps to the best leads and opportunities so they can focus on closing the right deals

Marketing Cloud Einstein: Helps marketers create more personalized marketing campaigns by predicting what customers are likely to do next, and recommending content and products based on audience preferences and channel

Analytics Cloud Einstein: Automates and prioritizes the next insight you need to know

Did any one of us ever imagine a few years back that words like Big Data, Predictive Analysis, Machine Learning, and Salesforce Einstein would be part of our Statement-of-Work to help out Salesforce customers? Well, Salesforce Einstein will not help in writing our SOWs, but it has given Mastech Digital the opportunity to help our customers implement a powerful solution.

As a company specialized in digital transformation IT services, Mastech Digital and its Salesforce practice is ready to facilitate faster, smarter, and more effective customer relationship management initiatives for your organization.

Shirish Ashwat
Salesforce Practice Director