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Using Cloud CRM to Meet Your Business Needs

A typical business uses many different applications for day-to-day business processes. Many of these applications may not be designed with the intent of working with other applications already being utilized within the spectrum of existing business operations. Hence, an integration of these enterprise applications, across various layers – data, business logic, presentation, and security – is required to help companies be as confidently resolute as possible in decision-making closely related to business outcomes. Enter, Salesforce.com.

Integration initiatives are dependent on the business model of the company and resources available to that company. Salesforce.com offers different integration solutions to satisfy the unique business requirements of your company.

On a basic level, Salesforce.com can help create a composite application, such as an integration between the data concerning details of a business and the functionality of a third-party app (e.g. Google Maps), and display more relevantly resonant information to the end-user.

In more complex platforms, application integration is in, such as a connection between Salesforce.com and the ERP software, adding a level of abstraction between two applications and helping provide more consistency to enterprise solutions. Through data integration – the most common form of integration today, large amounts of data can be easily analyzed to serve as the building blocks for solutions.

Mastech Digital helps facilitate these solutions by providing highly desirable IT staff with an accurate set of skills and resource coordination to find the answers to mostly transient business problems. With the ability to be flexible, an integration of Salesforce.com services helps companies attain unparalleled operational efficiencies. Mastech Digital is your partner in achieving those efficiencies.