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Mastech Digital may grant a leave of absence to eligible employees who require time off from work to fulfill personal obligations. Such leaves of absence may be granted for personal reasons, educational purposes, for community service or religious purposes. Personal leaves are generally unpaid. Management’s approval of personal leave will be based upon the employee’s work record, the reason for the request and business needs.


  • Full-time employees are eligible for non-FMLA personal leaves of absence if they have:
    • Worked for Mastech Digital for at least one year prior to the leave request
    • Exhausted all vacation time
  • Part-time employees may be eligible for non-FMLA personal leave under exceptional circumstances and at management’s sole discretion

Requesting Personal Leave

Requests for leave must be submitted in writing to the employee’s manager or Human Resources for review. If possible, leave requests must be made at least twenty days in advance to minimize any disruption in work. An employee must meet with Human Resources prior to beginning any leave to discuss the employee’s responsibilities and rights and any benefit continuation. All leave requests are completely subject to managerial discretion.


Business conditions do not permit Mastech Digital to guarantee that an employee will be reinstated to his/her old job or a comparable one. Upon return within 6 months of the employee’s last working day, an employee’s seniority and service credits will be reinstated; however paid leave (vacation, holidays, PTO, etc.) does not accrue during an unpaid leave.


During personal leaves, employees may continue group health care coverage and other insurance benefits under the same conditions as if they had been continuously employed. Employees are responsible for continued payment of their share of health insurance and other premiums, if applicable. If payment is not made in a timely manner, it may result in the loss of coverage. Mastech Digital reserves the right to deny coverage on any or all of the insurance plans if business conditions do not justify the continued coverage for the employee unless otherwise required by federal, state or local laws