An organization’s true lifeblood is its workforce, which collectively operates strategically to attain the enterprise objective. Securing competent, highly skilled, and reliable talent is an arduous affair, and most Human Resource Managers are familiar with this. Hiring and retaining employees is another challenging task that managers battle almost frequently in today’s business landscape. However, hiring and even retaining employees become more effortless with offshore staffing solutions.

Today, we’re experiencing the epitome of globalization and digitization, meaning companies are hunting for more skilled professionals to fill key technical positions. Yet, the time and effort required to hire, train, and monitor staff are immense, compelling organizations to spend more on running a well-functioning team of professionals.

Finding the right resources for the right positions within your geography might not be rewarding in some cases since the talent pool is much smaller in terms of technical capabilities.

Offshore staffing solutions are gaining popularity in the US and UK, as companies are beginning to see its many benefits. Superior technical talents overseas are willing to do the same tasks for discounted labor rates. The paperwork, payroll accounting, record keeping, and benefits allocation that comes with adding new candidates to an existing workforce is eliminated as offshore staffing companies take complete care of it.

The advantages of offshore staffing services are plenty. Let’s explore a few below:

1. A wider pool of talent

Offshoring opens doors to a larger net of prospective hires who are equally competent and skilled. In the US, technical jobs are plenty, yet the volume of technically qualified individuals is low. Geographies that produce talented candidates with versatile technical experience can be explored in such situations. India is one such destination, where thousands of qualified engineers are made. By looking outside the confines of the parent company’s country, it is possible to discover a fresh bunch of talent who ticks most of the boxes.

2. Massive Cost Savings

According to a Global Outsourcing Survey by Deloitte conducted in 2020, cost reduction is the number one reason for outsourcing in many companies. Offshore hiring results in almost 70% savings in staffing costs due to lower salary norms and no infrastructure costs.

3. Extended and uninterrupted operations

Hiring offshore talent enables companies to cater to clients across the globe due to overlapping work hours and time zones. A company operating during the day in the US can also operate during the night in another geography, contributing to higher efficiencies. Companies can thereby run 24×7 and achieve faster turnaround times, meeting business objectives without interruptions.

4. Easy administration

Establishing an internal team that focuses entirely on hiring and training new employees requires massive operating expenses. Additionally, the parent company needs to take care of the administration, payroll accounting, insurance, and other legalities. By transferring the responsibilities of offshoring, companies can enjoy the ease of administration and spend more time and resources on hand to improve the core aspects of the business.

5. Scalability

Companies are always looking to scale their business and expand their operations across various geographies. Offshore staffing is the gateway to setting up teams in burgeoning locations and ramp-up capabilities to service more and more clients. Offshore locations also have affordable workspaces that fare lower compared to countries like US and UK. This also helps companies establish their presence in other countries and grow more.

The availability of IT jobs today is at an all-time high. Different verticals within the IT industry are creating more and more employment opportunities for individuals across the globe. Companies that leverage offshore talent are expanding the possibilities of reaching greater heights with a global presence.

We work offshore to provide uninterrupted assistance. At Mastech Digital, we specialize in recruiting offshore individuals, teams, and Program / Project managers to help companies launch time-critical business initiatives with qualified technical talent. Speak to our staffing experts, and learn more about how we can help you benefit with our offshore staffing services.