Offshore recruitment process outsourcing is one of the most efficient business strategies today. However, several HR leaders still shy away from deploying the model due to several myths plaguing its image. As an outcome, they miss out on a huge opportunity to add value to their business. If you’re also on the fence, trying to decide if offshoring is the way to go or not, then this post is for you.

We compiled a list of some of the most common misconceptions doing rounds so that you can make an informed decision and do away with doubts.

Myth: Offshore staffing is all about cost-cutting and compromises on quality 

Fact: It may seem unbelievable, but offshore staffing does offer the convenience of quality hiring without burning a hole in your pocket.

One primary reason offshore recruitment services are highly cost-effective is that you can employ quality talent from less developed nations. Even though these candidates are skilled professionals, they charge you less than a domestic employee would. That’s because they live in a country where the cost of living is lower than yours.

Even though offshoring began as a business strategy for cost-cutting, the technique has evolved to prove beneficial in other essential aspects. For example, offshoring helps you maintain business continuity round-the-clock. So, it helps you serve your clients whenever they call you for support. Most importantly, it establishes you as a global brand and enables you to reach out to clients across borders.

Tip: Make sure you partner with a staffing firm only after being sure of the credibility and transparency of their procedures. Look at their earlier work and see if they can fulfill the promise of quality hiring.

Myth: You lose control over the recruitment process

Fact: You are always the final decision maker, and offshore recruitment services are only there to distribute the workload

Offshore recruitment services only work as an advisory for the hiring process and collaborate with your in-house team. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to employing a candidate with your organization, as the decision to hire or not hire a candidate is entirely up to you. You can even participate in the selection rounds to reassure yourself of the quality of candidates sourced by the staffing firm.

If anything, you’re doing your in-house team a favor by off-loading them of the repetitive and monotonous tasks so that they can effectively use their skills and focus on more strategic and skill-intensive tasks.

Tip: Staffing companies do not know your company’s culture in and out, and only you can ascertain if an applicant can gel with your company’s values and ethics. Hence, it is advisable to be present for the final rounds of interviews with the candidates to correctly assess their cultural fitment with the organization.

Myth- The Offshore staffing arrangement is for large firms only

Fact- Offshore staffing solutions are easily customizable to fit the needs of every type of client

There is a suitable offshore staffing service for every business- small-scale, medium-scale, or even large-scale. However, many people mistakenly think hiring employees from a foreign country will cost them a fortune. It requires large budgets, which are a thing of only large-sized organizations.

It is one of the market’s most familiar offshore recruitment myths today. The truth is- hiring offshore talent is highly cost-effective. It is even more beneficial for small to medium-sized firms as it allows them to gain more working hands without spending on additional office space, employee overheads, and more. Moreover, offshoring also offers the flexibility of scaling up or down depending on the demand and business requirements.

Tip: Ensure there are no hidden costs in your agreement, and the terms are transparent right from the start.

Myth- Offshoring puts your data security at risk

Fact- Experienced staffing firms have well-managed security systems to protect your data

In today’s age of digitalization, it is almost inevitable to prevent the exchange of data, even if it’s confidential. Data is the lifeline of all processes central to the functioning of your business and preventing it from breaches is of utmost importance.

Qualified staffing firms deploy certified security systems that can prevent data leakages. Ensure you know their security management procedures well and review their credentials before collaborating with a staffing firm.

Tip: Avoid sharing your organization’s confidential data unless the need arises. That’s why companies prefer to offshore only non-core functions of the business and rely on their in-house team for core competencies.

Myth- Offshore talent does not fit well with the company culture

Fact- Diversity of culture further enhances your brand’s image and establishes you as a global brand

Organizations today strive to become more inclusive as they recognize the importance of DEI (Diversity, equity, and inclusion) in the workplace. Having a diverse workforce enables you to leverage the unique benefits that each of them offers. Moreover, you also increase your visibility among different cultures, further enhancing your market reach.

Although your offshore employees may initially take some time to familiarise themselves with your culture, having a cultural addition is always beneficial in the long run.

Tip: To minimize the language barrier and conflict of interest, ensure you have a well-managed communication process.  


Many offshore recruitment services myths are trying to instil fear in the minds of business owners. We understand how much of a dilemma it can get when it comes to making a decision. However, don’t let distorted information get in your way of experiencing the immense benefits that offshore recruitment services offer. Dig into the facts, and upcoming offshoring trends and see for yourself if they can provide for your business needs in a cost-effective and scalable manner.


What are the digital skill sets offered by Mastech Digital?
Our experts help you source the best candidates across digital skill sets including data management, Analytics and AI, Cloud and Cybersecurity, Mobile and Digital Learning.
How can I effectively manage my offshore team?
Communication and a well-organized workflow are important elements of managing offshore employees. We at Mastech Digital can help you manage your offshore teams through our offshore programs.
Why is offshoring becoming a trend in the IT sector?
As more and more companies set out on the path to digitization, the need for revamping IT infrastructures is increasing. However, to acquire such complex skills in a short duration is next to impossible. Thus, offshoring IT solutions is the quickest and most cost-effective way to hire high quality IT talent.
How can I ensure high-quality work from my offshore team?
Make sure you onboard only well-fitting candidates who don’t need excessive training to work with remote setups. Mastech Digital sources only the top 10% of the candidates who qualify through tests to provide you with the best.