The second portion of this two-part blog describes PIM, the challenges PIM can address, benefits of the PIM Suite, and the solutions offered.

What PIM Does

PIM is an end-to-end system used to centralize, organize, categorize, synchronize, and enrich product data according to the business rules of the company. PIM cleanses and centralizes information about products to feed consistent, accurate, and current information to multiple distribution channels. PIM creates a single trusted source of product data by integrating siloed knowledge into an enterprise-wide asset.

MDM PIM Reference Architecture

PIM Suite Benefits

The increasingly important role of customers in product decisions is urging manufacturers to improve product planning, achieve a better balance between resources and features, and adjust product delivery based on customer orders. The Product Information Management solution empowers organizations and enables them to maximize product value. Moreover, using this solution, organizations can reduce the space and effort required to maintain, update, and retire product information. PIM’s capabilities maximize product visibility.

The following table illustrates the challenges PIM can address and how PIM can translate product data into competitive advantage.

MDM PIM Solution

The MDM PIM Solution encapsulates the benefits of PIM and remarkably addresses challenges around Product Management in an enterprise. PIM enables manufacturing companies to create a single, up-to-date repository of product information that can be used throughout the organization for strategic business initiatives.

Global Data Synchronization gets to the core of business objectives, by maximizing the effectiveness of trading partner relationships and improving overall supply chain efficiency to increase revenues.

PIM easily adapts to the changing organizational needs like data model evolution, new products, integrations, and more. PIM offers a simple and intuitive object model designed from business objects such as Catalogs, Hierarchies, Items, or Categories. This separation delivers the data model flexibility and ease-of-use that organizations demand, while simultaneously allowing them to take advantage of the latest database technologies.

PIM offers several features helping organizations create data solutions that make intuitive sense to business end-users, including the key personnel responsible for managing master product data.

As an organization’s requirements change and grow, updating or adding product attributes, catalogs, sales channels, or any other business object can be done without the need for intensive development efforts.

PIM Solution Highlights

How Mastech InfoTrellis Added Business Value Through PIM


PIM provides a comprehensive, out-of-the-box workflow capability that is highly scalable, configurable, and enables faster product creation. PIM enables 360-degree collaboration in the product by bringing all parts of the organization into a single system with the needed checks and balances to help ensure speed, quality, and accountability.

Kishalay Gangopadhyay
Senior Director – North America Operations, Mastech InfoTrellis