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If Manufacturing was considered to be a factory led industry, it has been changing significantly over the years. Today, Manufacturing is more personal and focused towards making it consumer-like. Industrial consumers are being kept in mind to shape up newer ways of marketing and positioning the Manufacturing goods, as well as embrace Digital technologies to enhance the user front-end, and improve the technology back-end.


Assets in a Manufacturing unit are becoming increasingly digitized with manufacturing becoming more and more distributed, using advanced and Digital technologies. Advanced and Predictive Analytics are constantly being worked on, to forecast demand better and improve equipment uptime, optimizing output. IoT and Industrial Robotics are becoming ubiquitous in Manufacturing companies to increase efficiencies in logistics and supply chain. Design Thinking in Manufacturing today is becoming the norm which necessitates partnerships and engagements with Digital Transformation partners.


Adoption of cloud-based technology platform best works to integrate and communicate with sales and service teams, as well as channel partners. Salesforce, in its hybrid mode (cloud and on premise) allows you to plan your communication much better with your value chain and supply chain. With increased coordination and collaboration, you can connect with your customer optimally at every touch point in the journey.

Let our Salesforce experts use their experience in realizing the collaboration touch points across your logistics as well as buyer journey. We specialize in customizing Salesforce for you such that it works best in your Manufacturing environment. Right through Production and Service channels across Sales and Marketing all the way upto integrating Salesforce with your IoT strategy, Mastech’s Salesforce adds value and efficiencies.


SAP HANA augurs well for innovation across your business process and can tackle many challenges. Material Requirements Planning is indeed an activity that begs to get better with each passing Manufacturing instance. With SAP HANA, you can now simplify your existing IT enterprise systems and better plan the MRP across your plants. Also, with SAP HANA, you can calculate plant performance in real-time which gives you more accurate indicators on any unplanned downtime.

Our SAP HANA CoE, spread globally, comes with rich experience in consulting, implementation, upgrade, integration and maintenance of the HANA platform. With a vast amount of cumulative intelligence in handling diverse sets of technology systems in the enterprise and the ability to customize it to build efficiencies, our experts build in SAP HANA seamlessly in your enterprise. You can start realizing value as early as two weeks with our Fast-Eff Methodology and Navigation-based workshops.


Manufacturing, being one of the early adopters of technology today is at an infection point of having the right blend of technology teams – with people who can understand the Digital Enterprise, along with those who can sustain, integrate and innovate working on legacy IT. Interestingly, e-commerce and marketing-led Digital skill sets are needed in Manufacturing as much as in other industries. All the more important is to ensure that profitability is improved adopting the right kind of staffing models.

 Mastech’s “Staffing on Tap” provides contingent staff that is adept in Digital Technologies as well as Legacy IT. Our ability to get you the talent you want is proven and our process efficiency in doing so, is award-winning. Talk to us to staff your IT enterprise with the right kind of Digital and other IT skill sets such as:

  • e-commerce
  • Digital Media
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mobile
  • Web Applications
  • Analytics and Big Data, Data warehousing
  • Product Life Cycle and Supply Chain Management
  • CRM Experts