Senior management can be quite stringent when it comes to shelling out more time and money to hire additional staff. However, when an extra hand is needed to help complete projects with greater effectiveness and efficiency, a little time spared, and a few bucks here and there can be the difference between doing something good and doing something great.

Illustrating how the latter can be accomplished should be the goal of IT managers in need of additional staff to help meet the increasing demands of the company. Proving to the hiring managers how an addition to the existing workforce can be beneficial to business operations may open the door to access greater project efficiencies.

IT managers should highlight that hiring additional staff can:

  • Eliminate capacity constraints, improving sales, service, and operational efficiencies
  • Increase productivity, decreasing the response time to problems in a network or application
  • Help meet deadlines, furthering the economic benefit of faster project implementation
  • Shorten the learning curve for new technologies, creating more efficient operations at more rapid pace

Additionally, having an efficient process in place to hire the right staff can help ease the load on hiring managers seeking to advance their capabilities within the organization. Many companies take too much time to create what they believe is the right offer and to extend that offer to the shortlisted candidates. However, as top IT staff are not in the job market for much time, a lapse in efficient hiring processes could, consequently, result in the loss of top talent.

To ensure getting a hold of top talent as quickly as possible, the following methods help make hiring faster:

  • Having great job descriptions prepared for all critical positions
  • Creating a clearly defined candidate evaluation process, including systems for resume scoring, interview evaluation, and assessment testing
  • Providing better training to department managers on the hiring process (how to spot the best resumes, how to interview better, how to negotiate salary, )
  • Preparing interview questions specific to IT professionals and having them ready before you ever need them.
  • Improving communication between your department and human resources to avoid bottlenecks

By providing these insights and having a streamlined IT staffing process, senior management can understand how a lack of the right amount of the right staff can lead to inefficiencies throughout the entire organization. These can be in the form of increased costs, loss of clients, loss of revenue, and even staff attrition. Therefore, a proactive approach in hiring additional staff is required, to decrease costs or increase productivity and revenue, further increasing an organization’s ROI.

Gaurav Verma
Director Recruitment