Finding the right IT talent is about finding candidates with not only the right aptitude, but also the right attitude. Candidates need to have a balance of technical skills and soft skills, and must be a cultural fit for your client.

However, finding and securing those elusive “purple squirrels” is not an easy task. With recruiting being a numbers game, sales targets should always be in mind and in sight, implying that an active collaboration between your sales team and your recruiting team is a necessity.

An in-depth understanding of your client’s needs on the one hand, paired with the delivery of resources that meet those needs on the other, is what contributes toward and supports organization-wide success. Adding to that success is a clear-cut, defined process, highlighting the steps needed to source, screen, schedule, secure, and settle-in any prospective candidate for a client.

A streamlined recruiting process is a key success factor, and if every step of the process can be tracked, optimal quality can be ensured before resources finally arrive in the hands of the clients. Couple this with web tools to develop, access, and understand a strong candidate pool, and you can take your recruiting to enhanced levels of efficiency like never before.

While social media has provided the ability to find more apt candidates, expect to see an increase in the way other tools, such as automation and artificial intelligence affect the recruiting process. Such tools will further expedite the more tedious tasks of sourcing and screening, leaving the intangibles in the hands of the expert recruiters, to provide the most appropriate resources to your clients, more efficiently and effectively.

The future of IT staffing overall will be dictated by the increasing needs of organizations seeking capable talent, adept in digital technologies, and able to guide organizations through their digital transformation initiatives. From a recruiting perspective, being prepared for this future involves taking a proactive approach, rather than reactive.

Shipra Sharma
VP, Recruiting