Not all businesses embarking on a digital transformation journey succeed. According to Forbes, McKinsey, KPMG, and Bain & Company, there is a 70% to 95% chance that digital transformation will fail. Why? The combination of people, processes, and technology is not proportionate.

A comprehensive digital strategy, the right set of people, and smart technology backup would ensure the digital transformation journey for many entrepreneurs is smooth.

Businesses are evolving digitally across the globe. How can you create an environment where team members are empowered to embrace digital initiatives? How can you drive innovation and bring an impact? How can you prepare for a successful digital journey?

Integrating digital technologies into various aspects of a business has become a critical strategy for organizations today. For many companies, the foremost challenge in digital transformation is developing a genuinely agile mindset. While technology plays a significant role in driving digital transformation, the role of culture cannot be understated. Culture, the shared values, beliefs, and behaviors within an organization, plays a crucial role in the success or failure of digital transformation efforts.

Another problem area is the adaption to new technology. With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), social media, mobile devices, and cloud computing, to name a few technologies, there is a shift in how companies operate and derive value. This includes integrating the right digital technologies into every aspect of a user journey, like employee engagement, business operations, change management, and customer experiences. This also requires changing how people think, communicate, and work together.

Don’t let your digital transformation journey derail

The points below explain how a digital transformation services company helps you navigate the complexities of your digital journey and achieve positive outcomes.

  • Digital Strategy: Having the right digital strategy solves many problems as it helps in setting a clear roadmap for achieving the business objectives. A reliable digital transformation and IT services company enables you to identify technologies, processes, and organizational changes required to drive your digital transformation growth.
  • Talent Services: Having the right set of people is critical to the success of any business. An IT staffing and outsourcing company helps you find, attract, and retain the talent you need to drive your digital strategy. The AI-powered Browse Candidate application lets you find full-time hires, contractors, or project-based teams to help you achieve your business goals.
  • Technology Services: A team of experts helps you choose the right set of technologies needed for your digital growth. A well-planned suite of enterprise IT services, like cloud computing, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, and robotic process automation, helps you stay competitive.
  • Change Management: Digital transformation requires significant organizational culture, mindset, and process changes. Partnering with experts in IT outsourcing helps you develop change management strategies and plans, train employees, and provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Agile Delivery: Agile methodologies are critical to the success of digital transformation initiatives. The right partners help you adopt and implement agile methods to accelerate delivery, improve quality, and enhance stakeholder engagement.


Digital transformation requires a fundamental shift in organizational culture, mindset, and processes. Entrepreneurs should strive to foster an inclusive culture in the digital workspace that embraces visionary leadership, agility, collaboration, learning and development, customer-centricity, and change management. With 36 years of industry experience, Mastech Digital can help you map your digital journey, enable seamless technology implementations, and ensure business growth through various enterprise digital transformation services and capabilities.