As businesses today seek to keep up with the rapidly-changing technology landscape, an increased struggle exists in finding the right individuals with the right set of skills to help such businesses evolve with the times. While mainstream technologies remain the backbone of many businesses, digital technologies are those that will help businesses stay relevant moving forward. We’ve compiled a short list of the top tech skills to look out for in 2018, which can bring your business greater efficiencies.

Data Management & Analytics

While this segment of the IT industry has been on the rise for quite some time, now is when the vast majority of companies are realizing the true value of efficiently-managed and -analyzed enterprise data assets. Hiring managers are paying top dollar for individuals who are skilled at organizing and analyzing large amounts of data, and deriving valuable insights from that data for enhanced decision-making. Our Data Management & Analytics business unit, Mastech InfoTrellis, is at the forefront of facilitating information excellence for our clients by providing best-in-breed solutions in Master Data Management, Enterprise Data Integration, and Big Data and Analytics.

Data Visualization

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” The saying was true when it was first uttered ages ago, and it still holds true today. Often coupled with Data Analytics, visualization must be taken as both an art and a science. The ability to break down difficult ideas into easy-to-understand visuals is a skill that requires a thorough understanding of complex technical concepts and artistic communication. Individuals who with these traits are sought after for their ability to connect to audiences across a much wider spectrum, increasing company visibility in the marketplace.

Cloud Computing

As more and more processes take to the cloud, for reasons of simplicity or cost-effectiveness, the number of required individuals who can facilitate such processes increases in proportion. Capabilities in cloud database management or programming skills for building cloud-based applications are in high demand as companies seek to free up bandwidth onsite by moving their efforts online. Taking note of this trend, as a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, our in-house Salesforce practice is helping customers create the right kind of digital customer engagement ecosystem in their enterprise.


Security has become a top priority for most, if not all companies now. With numerous high-profile breaches making headlines, the demand for adept cybersecurity professionals is on the rise. Companies want to be able to sense a threat from miles away, deal with the threat as quickly and as easily as possible, and continue business as usual – a feat that takes immense expertise and a wide knowledge of software development, networking, operating systems, and more.

Mobile Development

Anticipated to keep growing inevitably are devices such as smartphones and tablets. Building applications for multiple operating systems will continue to be in demand as companies explore new ways of expanding their reach by way of portable devices. Adding to the hype are features such as AR and VR, which are calling for a whole new breed of mobile app developers, familiar with UI/UX design and agile methodologies, to take a company’s mobile experience to the next level.

UI/UX Design

A key aspect of any program is the way it is experienced by the end user. Designs should be intuitive, contemporary, and aesthetically pleasing to anyone interacting with the program. This requires a solid foundation in front-end web development and graphic design, providing users of a company’s program with a smooth and sophisticated experience – a key engagement and retention factor for many end users.

While skills in the aforementioned areas are by no means the only skills that will lead an organization to the promised land of peace and prosperity, when used by the right people in the right areas of the business, the mentioned skills can help initiate a process of digital transformation, making a business more valuable to its customers. Mastech Digital, the premier digital transformation services company in North America, is at the forefront of facilitating this change for customers, by sourcing and selecting the most adept individuals, skilled in digital technologies and the SMAC stack, and capable of tackling a company’s most challenging problems.

Mike Bryan
Head – Direct Sales