Social, mobile, analytics, and cloud (SMAC) technologies were once pure disruption. Today, they are an integral part of businesses that want to evolve their digital enterprise to suit futuristic IT infrastructures. Preparing for changes in digital technologies will help companies stay ahead of the curve and evolve with the times. Thought leaders in all industries are therefore thinking hard about the use of SMAC technologies and how those technologies can be utilized in the future. Here are some of the resulting insights.

Go digital

A collective use of SMAC for business results in an improved bottom-line in many ways. It helps improve customer experience on digital platforms, impacts the digital workplace, and increases productivity. Smart businesses are engaging the right mix of these technologies to ensure that the results are aligned to their business goals. Creating a digital platform that integrates varying processes is going to be key, and it will be heavily reliant on the right use of SMAC technologies.

Create a beneficial ecosystem

The use of wearable technology is only beginning now. Not far are the times when these technologies will be more streamlined and more affordable. At such a time, it will become important to create an ecosystem that enables optimum use of SMAC technologies. Companies are therefore already investing in technologies that would be customizable and well-distributed. These services can be outsourced or built by organisations to suit their specific needs.

Remain dynamic

The bundle of SMAC will remain integrated with some amount of flexibility. It is bound to be a customizable and scalable platform that can be integrated with other technologies in the future to ensure that it is used optimally. In such a scenario, technologies such as IoT, automation, and 3D printing are going to play a key role. Agility will become the key to these developments because it will require companies to respond to changing needs in terms of product, design, and more.

Whether you are a company that wants to use SMAC or one that wants to learn the ropes to respond to it well, Mastech Digital is at the forefront of providing you with the right services and the right people to successfully transform your business for the new, digital workplace.

Todd Davis
Director – Sales