Digital transformation is at its peak and the application-driven economy demands businesses to deliver high quality software. Gone are the days when ‘brand loyalty’ was considered on top of ‘experience loyalty‘. Now, the organizational success greatly depends on the customer’s feedback and response; if they aren’t satisfied with your performance, they won’t take much time to leave your brand and switch on to the next one. Hence, to stay ahead in the digital competition, organizations are adopting the digital transformation strategies and incorporating digital components to their products and services. This rapid transformation not only boosts the customer experience, but also proffers alternate methods to more extensive market segments.

In the same context, DevOps is helping organizations in digitally transforming their businesses. Businesses are still are focused on continuous delivery and agile development. Even their IT operations teams are now aimed to turn agile keeping the operational stability on top that has been their claim to fame.

Agile and DevOps

Over the years, organizations have increasingly adopted agile software development. It was due to this popularity of Agile that led to the development of DevOps.  While Agile and DevOps are related, they differ in some crucial aspects. Agile is just a change in the thinking that inspires organizations to bring a change with continuous feedback from customers. On the other hand, DevOps is the actual implementation of this organizational cultural change.

In the evolving digital market, DevOps allows businesses to transform their simple operational processes into programmable and dynamic solutions. It also aims to maximize the efficiency, predictability, maintainability and security of their processes.

While businesses need to focus on delivering digital services that are flexible and robust, DevOps allows them to improve their deployment frequency, which offers benefits like lower failure rate of new releases, faster time to market, reduced lead time between fixes, and better reliability and security. In addition, DevOps grants more control of the environment to the developers offering more application-centric understanding of the infrastructure.

Yvonne Burns