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Flying today is no longer a luxury; it is commoditized. The days of a humble flying ticket are gone and today, with the absorbency of the Internet to the extent of an average of five devices per household, customers choose airlines and flight experiences like any other commodity. Beyond dealing with the regulatory pressures and air-fuel efficiencies, airlines today are also to deal with customizing flying experiences and bundling them with multiple offers, around ground transportation, hotel-stay, not to forget, keeping the prices under check with a refreshing in-flight experience. Airlines are under constant pressure for a lower CASM (Cost per Available Seat Miles) and CASK (Cost per Available Seat Kilometers).


We perhaps didn’t expect this to happen, till few years ago.Customers today demand personalized flying experiences; and this experience is both online and offline. The success and growth of an airline is directly linked with how well it has been able to integrate both these using Digital technologies and human efficiencies. Not surprisingly, the profitable airlines are the ones that have been able to touch their existing customers and identify their future ones, intelligently and offer flying experiences driven by Analytics and Social Monitoring. Internal efficiencies within the existing IT environments however, continue to be as important for profitability.


Customers are using different devices to access airline services. A flight is not about merely flying. It is about the way of getting to the airport. It is about the meal on the flight, the movies and music on board, the efficiencies of the crew, the ground transportation after landing, and even staying in a comfortable place in the destination city. It is about what the customer feels about the airline on the social media and the reviews he/she gives on different websites. It is about the complaints and compliments given across channels. Salesforce is the ideal way of handling all of this in an integrated manner to ensure a unified customer experience with the airline.

Our Salesforce practice has had proven success working with some of the leading airlines in the United States. We have been able to deliver value in customer engagement with our ability to customize Salesforce beyond just a CRM and a sales tool. To us, Saelsforce for aviation, is not merely about managing the customer through integrated omni-channel communication but also using Salesforce as an effective platform to integrate several internal teams that include Engineering, Procurement, Engines, In-flight Entertainment, etc. Our quick-start program allows you to navigate easily to a Salesforce-led environment seamlessly and derive value sooner.


While a flight is about the speed of getting to the destination, the efficiency of an airline is about the swiftness in managing customer expectations and the promptness in reacting to the changing customer needs and social behavior. Today, these have become the key differentiators in choosing between a good airline and otherwise. SAP HANA allows you to integrate technology systems across departments and activities and gives you information about the customer in real-time. Enterprise Analytics, thus gained allows you to take business decisions rapidly and gain operational efficiencies while bettering your CASM and CASK, in the process.

Our SAP HANA team sets out with a Navigator-based exercise to understand the ‘as-is’ IT environment and chart out the optimum way of moving to a HANA-based environment, simplifying the IT infrastructure. In less than 40 hours, you will be able to see the business benefits in store, because of SAP HANA in your enterprise. Our entire implementation and migration methodology, keep in mind the pace at which the airline industry operates. We have hence set milestone-based models executed on our proprietary Fast-Eff methodology across the SAP-HANA journey. Your business decisions around customer experience, network and fleet expansion and internal efficiencies, are all now based on real-time information and not historic, and disparate data.


Digital Transformation in the Airline industry is seeing an increase in people with skills in Digital technologies across airline divisions. Analytical skills along with people with social-handling of the airline’s brand reputation is on the rise. Airlines today, are also looking to increase the effectiveness of managing their Digital campaigns across customer channels. The existing IT set up however sees a continued demand for technologists who can build applications and maintain them for quality as well as senior program leaders to run the Airline’s IT projects.

Our long-standing engagements with leading Airlines such as Southwest, allows us to service IT requirements that are diverse, common, rare, legacy-based as well as current in nature. We specialize in understanding the needs of your Digital enterprise and staff the right kind of Digital workforce. Be it Digital Campaign Managers, Social Handlers, Analytics experts, we ensure staffing them all on a contingent or a temp-to-hire and permanent model, in-line with your business requirements.