Keeping the Human Element Alive in an Increasingly Digital World

This is the Digital Age. Corporations are on the journey of digital transformation to stay more relevant. Competitive advantage is no longer just about product or service feature, or even price point. It is about how well an organization understands their customer’s need and can cater to those changing customer needs exactly when the customer needs it, or perhaps even a moment before, anticipating the need!

As enterprises strategize and execute a digital transformation program, it is imperative they need a digital workforce – a breed of people who can create customer journey maps, who can churn large amounts of data, analyze customer behavior patterns, and arrive at information that helps companies stay relevant to its customers in real time. Such a workforce can create efficiencies in the company’s IT infrastructure through the prudent implementation of cloud-based services, can socially market the company, can provide an unparalleled user experience, and can visualize and connect devices and things of all kinds, automating processes, making life better, simpler, and easier for end customers.

Technology staffing companies should not put such skill sets into the typical IT parenthesis. The digital workforce consists of people who are a mix of Millennials and Gen Ys – a rare combination of people who are socially savvy, technologically literate, and are constantly looking for challenges. If they aren’t challenged, they move on. They question the status quo and love creating disruptions.

As a specialist in staffing rare skill sets and combinations in all technology areas over the last three decades, Mastech Digital’s award-winning technology staffing delivery engine now delivers on staffing all kinds of digital technology skill sets – social, mobility, analytics, cloud (SMAC), automation, and the Internet-of-Things (IoT).

We find you those “purple squirrels,” right when you need them.