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  • In a world flooded by copious amounts of data, the speed of your analytics hub determines your organization’s ability to remain agile and adapt to the ever-changing economy. Every day, companies aggregate a large volume of data, and a faster analytics hub helps deliver an up-to-date and accurate view of the overall business environment. This real-time data is the gold CIOs seek today.

    An analytics hub that lags may ignore data in order to perform real-time analysis or, may take a longer time to analyze a full data set, by when, the data set analyzed would have already become irrelevant. Upgrading to a faster system means the data you process will be analyzed in a span much closer to the time where the data used is still relevant.


    Instead of making inferences about what could happen, or extrapolating answers based on historical data, an up-to-date understanding of your business’s operations gives you valuable insights you can put into action right away. This puts you in a better position to make appropriate, strategic recommendations and decisions that have a significant, positive impact on business outcomes.

    Imagine a technology company that has its devices in the hands of consumers around the world. Making sure these devices are up and running, correctly, is critical to dodging any risk or liability. Armed with the right data, at the right time, the technology company can ensure devices are recalled, replaced, or fixed quietly, before an outbreak of any mass hysteria. The cost-savings implications here are huge.

    With that said, one of the reasons most CIOs don’t adopt newer, faster platforms is because they feel the costs to be more than what they think is required at the moment. But consider this: what would be the potential cost of not having the right insights right away?

    As the race towards real-time analytics is well under way, the winners will be those who level up and embrace the most efficient methods of making the most of their data. At Mastech InfoTrellis, that’s just what we do. As a data and analytics service provider with deep-domain expertise in Big Data Analytics, and in partnership with platform giants like Informatica and IBM, we help organizations derive actionable insights from their enterprise data assets – the most valuable resource in today’s digital era.


    Purnima Borate
    Director, Pre-Sales – Mastech InfoTrellis

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