May 4,

Getting from onsite to remote

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  • In my previous blog post, I described how rushing to convert instructor-led training to self-paced eLearning may not be the most effective approach for your learners or your organization. But what else are you going to do given the constraints of sheltering in place and social distancing?  

    Probably the quickest solution is to have the instructor present the class to a remote audience. There are a variety of remote presentation tools in the marketplace, and chances are you already use one anyway. However running a virtual class presents some different challenges from managing a classroom. Nobody wants to sit at their computer watching PowerPoint slides all day. Left to their own devices, people tend to multi-task or wander off to make coffee at times other than designated breaks. So converting an on-site class to a virtual class still requires some design effort, but not as much as converting the class to self-paced eLearning.

    Also, not every subject works in eLearning. I remember one project where a client had several weeks of instructor-led training they wanted converted to eLearning. We told them it wasn’t going to work because the content was full of very difficult concepts that required a lot of hands-on practice to master. They wanted it converted anyway, and 18 months later they contracted with us again to redesign the curriculum using a blended approach. Blended learning is a very good approach for converting classroom instruction to remote delivery relatively quickly. Take straight lecture-type content and convert that to self-paced, and bring learners together virtually for group discussions, activities, and Q&A with the instructor.

    Your specific approach for moving to remote delivery requires considering a number of factors including

    • What is the current content? 
    • Who are the current learners? 
    • Who are the current instructors? 
    • What are your goals and objectives? 
    • What are the time constraints?
    • What are the logistical and technological constraints?  

     Mastech Digital’s Digital Learning group can help you answer those questions and develop a unique solution to accomplish your goals. 

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