Over the last 17 months, we have been consciously undergoing a metamorphosis. We decided to embark upon a journey of transformation from the Mastech that was (what we called, “Mastech 1.0”) to Mastech 2.0 – a digital transformation services company. Enroute, we made a brief pit stop at Mastech 1.5, where we recast our service offerings and rebranded our company as Mastech Digital.

With the recent acquisition of InfoTrellis, we have arrived at Mastech 2.0. Mastech Digital now offers Data Management and Analytics based services around Master Data Management, Enterprise Data Integration, and Big Data. Our strengths in providing digital and mainstream technology staffing services continue to be the robust foundation for the next chapter of our growth story. The enlarged digital footprint of Mastech Digital places us well against our competition. My congratulations and thanks to all those who contributed to the acquisition process, from both sides.

Many people have since been asking me: now that we have achieved Mastech 2.0, where do we go next? My response to them is that Mastech 2.0 is not about reaching or surpassing a milestone. It is about attaining a level we needed to get to, and thereafter sustaining ourselves there. Just getting to Mastech 2.0 isn’t an achievement in itself. Making it work for us – which means our investors, customers, and all our associates – will be the true measure of success as Mastech 2.0.

So Mastech 2.0 is not a checkbox. It is a journey we all need to be a part of. We need to ensure we capitalize on the synergies between the two brands, Mastech Digital and Mastech InfoTrellis, and realize the infinite possibilities coming from them. In times to come, we will see numerous inclusive initiatives to take the organization to the next level of growth and excellence.

Mastech has successfully travelled 30+ years to get here. From this point forth, we need a different set of wings to reach the lofty goals we have set for ourselves. Yes, there will be change; and the change will be for the better for each one of us, and for the organization as a whole. As Marshal Goldsmith said, “What got you here, won’t get you there!”. Let’s build the future we all want to be a part of.

Vivek Gupta
President and CEO

Years ago, while attending a conference in Washington, D.C., I heard a well-known keynote speaker draw an interesting parallel. “Running a successful company is like rowing,” he said. I found that simile kind of interesting and kept relating it to several situations after that. I think I can now relate to the idea more than ever before.

It has been an exciting year for me at Mastech Digital. I joined the company last March, and as I look back, I find several reasons to be pleased. Over the last 12 months, we made several changes to the company – some essential, some unconventional, and a few experimental. I am happy to say that most of that effort is now bearing fruit.

One of the first things we did was to significantly upgrade our leadership by hiring top talent in sales, human resources, and marketing. By summer of 2016, we had onboard highly capable leaders who possessed a wealth of experience in their respective functional areas.

Next, we re-engineered our delivery operations and organized them into pods of excellence that focused on recruiting specific technologies. We also shut down an underperforming delivery center freeing up resources towards areas that were delivering the desired results.

Working with Marketing, we then put together a fresh marketing plan that addressed both the current as well as future positioning of the company in the market. We were now ready to embark on our next big thing – we became Mastech Digital (a change from the earlier name of Mastech Holdings, Inc.). The name change was part of the company’s rebranding initiative to reinforce the message that we are fully committed to ‘Digital’ – which are the Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud, and Automation technologies. Parallelly, we recast ourselves into a company that started offering digital staffing in addition to staffing mainstream technologies; and also started delivering project-based digital transformation services around Salesforce.com, SAP HANA, and Digital Learning.

All this would not have been possible without the support of a dedicated team that is totally in sync with the vision and goals of the organization. I go back to my comparison of a good leadership team to a rowing team. Only when everyone on both sides of the boat rows in step and at the same speed, does the boat move in the right direction. Else, the boat is likely to spin in circles. I am fortunate to have a very capable team of ‘rowers’ who have been the force behind the progress we have made so far.

Our journey gets even more exciting this year as we work toward introducing enhanced service offerings with well-integrated delivery capabilities.


CEO Vivek Gupta
Vivek Gupta
President and CEO

When I took over as the CEO in March, I saw a tremendous opportunity here. An opportunity to use our strengths and experience in technology staffing to offer new services in the Digital space. After brainstorming with the leadership team, we put together a six-month plan to recast the organization.  We regrouped our IT staffing delivery team into technology groups to build deep domain expertize and increase the through-put. We added expertize in staffing Digital technologies – the SMAC stack, Automation and Internet-of-things.

Next, we began investments in Digital technologies beginning with Salesforce.com. Our focus on Enterprise Analytics led us to start a practice on SAP HANA. Digital Learning, an incumbent service offering that customizes organizational learning combining digital and physical methods, becomes the third offering in our DX stack.

To gain better operational efficiencies, we redefined our Marketing efforts. We adopted Lean Marketing that is performance-based and tied closely to the success of the organization.

We changed the legal name of the company to Mastech Digital and gave it a new chic logo that’s reflective of what we love doing – join the dots and solve problems for our customers, the digital way.

As we continue to aggressively invest in digital technologies, I am happy with the enthusiasm of my leadership team and all our Associates who have embraced the change. Our team is geared up to engage with our customers, the digital way, and to deliver higher value to all our stakeholders.

Welcome to Mastech Digital.



Vivek Gupta,
President and CEO