Senior management can be quite stringent when it comes to shelling out more time and money to hire additional staff. However, when an extra hand is needed to help complete projects with greater effectiveness and efficiency, a little time spared, and a few bucks here and there can be the difference between doing something good […]

Finding the right IT talent is about finding candidates with not only the right aptitude, but also the right attitude. Candidates need to have a balance of technical skills and soft skills, and must be a cultural fit for your client. However, finding and securing those elusive “purple squirrels” is not an easy task. With […]

Newer technology innovations have changed the modus operandi of businesses. The difference between how companies were run a few years ago, against now, is largely attributable to the increasing digitization of almost all functions and processes within an organization. Sharing various resources via Cloud computing has been one of the biggest game changers in the […]

Digital learning is gradually replacing traditional learning and training methods in most organizations, irrespective of the size and industry. Digital learning has become integral to organizational growth because it has some definitive benefits. The seamlessness that digital learning solutions provide results in a more engaged workforce. One of the evident benefits of digital learning is […]

Seamless integration of various business apps on a single platform seems to have become the single most priority in business development. SAP High Performance Analytic Appliance is an open application, which provides a database platform for all business apps on the cloud. That is why SAP HANA makes it easy to process huge volumes of […]

Digitization has or will become an integral part of every company’s growth strategy. What was earlier used tactically to handle smaller processes has now become the strategic core of day-to-day business functions. With information being readily available all the time, the customer decision making process has become short and most times even guided by gut […]

Consumers today are an empowered lot with the internet and with the many ways to stay connected. So they are constantly looking for innovative, secure, robust, and optimized banking solutions. This has made it imperative for banks to maintain the same pace of change andengage with digital transformation on an on-going basis.The “anytime, anywhere” demands […]

Digital transformation is at its peak and the application-driven economy demands businesses to deliver high quality software. Gone are the days when ‘brand loyalty’ was considered on top of ‘experience loyalty‘. Now, the organizational success greatly depends on the customer’s feedback and response; if they aren’t satisfied with your performance, they won’t take much time […]

When I took over as the CEO in March, I saw a tremendous opportunity here. An opportunity to use our strengths and experience in technology staffing to offer new services in the Digital space. After brainstorming with the leadership team, we put together a six-month plan to recast the organization.  We regrouped our IT staffing [...]
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